I’m incapable of leaving you alone." … "Then don’t.

So, I have to comment on the latest SPN  spoilers.

The good:

I like hearing that Sam will be desperate to find/save Dean because I was so annoyed when he didn’t even look for him in season 8. I also like the idea that Demon Dean will be too much for Crowley to handle. I think that’s going to be funny. I enjoy the Dean/Crowley frenemy dynamic. I also think Demon Dean partying sounds like what realistically would happen. If his soul is twisted then he’s lost his moral sense and I’d assume he’s pretty hedonistic. Carver also hinted at a little self awareness there, so it sounds like there will be plenty of juicy material for Jensen to work with. 

The bad:

Not digging the idea that Sam might be doing some questionable things in order to find Dean. I’m pretty sure it’s possible for the brothers to aid one another without damaging their character integrity. I’m cringing at the idea that the fandom might have more reason to bag on Sam Winchester. I like to think that Sam has learned from this behavior in the past. Character development please..not regression.

The ugly:

Cas spoilers are all crap thus far. I’m hoping to get more elaboration at Comic Con because right now, I’m pretty annoyed. It sounds like Cas will attempt to aid Sam in his hunt for Dean, but he’s going to be somewhat useless as his powers are fading. Also, we’re hearing that once he learns that Dean is a demon, his attitude will be to put him down like a rabid dog. Why doesn’t Cas believe he can be saved? Is it so easy for him to give up on his friend? It looks like we’re getting a reverse of the Godstiel storyline which was cringeworthy and very damaging to the Dean/Cas relationship. Dean was looking for a way to destroy Cas, not reach out and save him. My stomach drops thinking about how awful that was to watch. We seriously have to watch Cas do the same thing now? Cas has been around and experienced enough to know that demons aren’t all completely evil. The writers made a point to develop a relationship between Cas and Meg to show that. Also, they make an effort to make Crowley more sympathetic by showing his son and making him crave humanity through human blood addiction. It makes no sense that Cas would just learn that Dean is a demon, and want to destroy him…no matter what Demon Dean is doing. Also, who the hell wants to see TFW separated? I know that Cas needs to have a separate storyline with his grace fading but shouldn’t his priority be to help Sam in his mission to find/save Dean? 

*sigh* I’m hoping for more positive spoilers from Comic Con. The Cas spoilers are enough to ruin my excitement for season 10. 


Just remember that death is not the end…

This scene hurts because you know it’s the last time they are going to see each other. The characters know it too….that’s why Sookie finally allows herself to cry at the end of this episode. She’s lost Alcide and Eric now.  Ugh. Why True Blood Why??

Omg you guys look at his eyes….he’s so sad to cause her more pain after all she’s been through….but he had to see her one last time.


"you can’t die on me."